Impact Report 2022

Welcome to our second Corporate Impact Report, a comprehensive overview of our most significant achievements in environmental, social, and governance initiatives throughout 2022.

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We are determined in our quest to integrate innovation and sustainability into the core of our business model.

This report reflects the steps we are taking to continue to be a leader in responsibility and transparency within the flooring industry.

Impact Report 2022

Executive Summary

The actions we took in 2022 made a significant difference to our dedication to the following SDGs:

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Our Goals

Our Achievements


Implement circular economy practices.

240,000 pounds of cardboard and 9,000 pounds of plastic recycled in Calhoun, Georgia.

Mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Purchased verified carbon offsets for Aspecta Contours (globally), as well as for Aspecta One, Aspecta Five, Elemental Commercial Dryback (2.5 mm), Multilayer Modular (8.0 mm) and Loose Lay flooring (outside of the U.S. and Canada).

Continue development of more sustainable flooring solutions.

New responsible SRP™ Rigid Core TPU Flooring solution, made, in part, of waste plastic bottles.

Protects forests and preserve biodiversity.

Continued our collaboration with Everland in the REDD+ project.

Our Goals

Our Achievements


Expand the health and wellness benefits of our employees.

Introduced six additional health and well-being programs.

Support NGOs that combat addiction and mental illness.

Continued our commitment to reach one million U.S. dollars from donations and a generous match. 

Enhance our employees' professional development.

Provided an overage of 256 hours of training to each employee.

Increase our volunteer activities to contribute to community projects around the world that stimulate long-term growth.

Launched our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) policy which provides additional paid time off for employees to participate in volunteer efforts. 

Our Goals

Our Achievements


Ensure transparency in our products.

25 Declare labels and 35+ Health Products Declarations (HPD), representing over 50 product lines.

Promote responsible business practices.

Launched our new Supplier Code of Conduct and Legal Compliance.

"As the House Up On The Hill is situated among the trees, the infrastructure of HMTX is built in a similar way. The roots are our values, beliefs, and commitments. The trunk is our people and financials. The limbs are our pillars, the branches our towers, and the blossoms are the many products we offer. Our products and services are how we interact with the world."

– Harlan Stone, CEO at Solstice 2022

2022 Sustainability Recognitions

Our director of Sustainability and Impact, Arthur Clarke, was named People Honoree by the Floor Covering Weekly’s GreenStep Environmental awards program. 

For the second consecutive year, we received the Training APEX Award for our training and professional development programs.

HMTX Industries World Headquarters received the Health and Energy Commercial award by the Connecticut Green Building Council (CTGBC).

Arthur Clarke, received the Living Future Hero Award by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI).

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As a global leader in sustainable practices, HMTX sets industry standards for quality and performance as well as superior product design. Its manufacturing processes, workplaces and product ingredients all reflect a significant dedication to sustainability, transparency, and social impact. HMTX has received numerous accolades for innovation, supply chain performance, online excellence, and customer partnership.