Our Path to Meaningful Change 



“We strive to make beautiful products that improve the quality of people’s lives. We are driven by an innovative spirit, care for the planet, and compassion for all its inhabitants. Together, we will make a difference.” 


In 2022, HMTX Industries conducted its first Materiality Assessment — an important step in the company’s growing Environmental, Social, Governance & Resilience (ESG&R) efforts. The assessment process helps define the issues advancing a company’s ESG&R strategy that are material to its business – from sustainability and energy management to climate change and diversity & inclusion programs. After gathering information via a survey to identify stakeholder priorities, both internal (employees) and external (customers along with business, media, and non-profit partners), the Materiality Assessment process established short- and long-term goals for the organization that can yield actionable, measurable results.


In the survey, stakeholders rated the relative importance of environmental, social, governance (ESG) topics on a scale to identify how familiar they were with these topics and how relevant they could be to HMTX’s business, to shape a collective approach and future reporting initiatives. Said Rochelle Routman, HMTX Chief Sustainability & Impact Officer, “Since this is our first materiality assessment, the answers serve as a roadmap to inform our ESG training & awareness programs and help align common goals with our stakeholders.”


“We decided to issue the Materiality Assessment as soon as we had the results so that we could share them with stakeholders and the public. The results show that HMTX Industries is on the right track in terms of our focus areas, and this will be emphasized in our comprehensive ESGR report, which we plan to issue in early 2023.”


Product safety and transparency was consistently identified as the most important topic by both external and internal stakeholders, given HMTX’s business model of being transparent in the choices the company makes, the ingredients in its products, and the impact it has on people and the planet. The other two most relevant ESG issues identified in the assessment were environmental issues such as circularity & material use, and social issues such as health & safety of the workplace. The assessment also revealed opportunities for growth in the process.


Said Maria Genova, Senior Manager, Sustainability & Impact, who spearheaded the Materiality Assessment, “I feel incredibly honored to join the Impact team at HMTX Industries during the company’s reporting renaissance. Making beautiful and sustainable products while being transparent and solution-driven are the core values of a company that is destined to go the distance.”