HMTX Industries Celebrates Grand Opening Of New World Headquarters

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NORWALK, CT, September 20, 2022 – Addressing the growing issue of climate change and its continued commitment to sustainability, HMTX Industries announced the Grand Opening of its new World Headquarters in Norwalk, CT with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by over 75 Connecticut politicians, VIPs, and employees. Working with McLennan Design and its founder Jason F. McLennan, one of the world’s most influential individuals in the field of architecture and the green building movement, the 24,000-square-foot building, which broke ground in April of 2021, is among the greenest in the state of Connecticut.

In attendance and speaking at the ribbon cutting were State Senator Bob Duff, Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling, Project Architect Jason McLennan of McLennan Design, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, and Harlan Stone, CEO of HMTX.

Left to Right: Bob Duff, Harry Rilling, Harlan Stone, Ned Lamont & Jason F. McLennan.

Governor Lamont described the new world headquarters as “the coolest building around, the coolest building in the world!” He noted that growing the state’s economy should be done in a self-sustaining way – and HMTX is doing just that. “The sense of innovation, the sense of practicing what you preach, making sure that you’re not just talking green but being green: that is what you’re doing here, so thank you for leading by example, because that is exactly what this building does.”

Mayor Rilling also extolled the building’s sustainable features, calling it “remarkable,” and committed to working with HMTX in all future endeavors. “It is a model for others to follow. If others followed, what a clean world we would live in,” he added. 

“It’s a beautiful building, but it is also beautiful for our planet and for our future. Working with Harlan on this Living Building Challenge project has been an incredible experience,” said McLennan. “This facility is groundbreaking, not only for its design, but for the pioneering product development work taking place inside.”

Among the structure’s unique features, it is designed to sit above the ground to preserve as much of the existing landscape as possible.  Built using only the healthiest non-toxic materials available, it will generate more energy on-site than it uses, produce zero carbon emissions, and will capture and re-use rainwater. The ecologically conscious facility also provides spaces for artists-in-residence design studios.

The new HMTX World Headquarters is the first project ever in Norwalk to pursue the Living Building Challenge – the world’s most stringent green building rating system.  This system promotes the concept of regenerative design to create spaces that give more than they take. As a living building, the HMTX facility is intended to be largely self-sufficient while creating a positive impact on the people and natural systems that surround it.

“From concept to groundbreaking and now to see it become a reality, this project has been very special to me,” Stone added. “Norwalk has been home to HMTX for more than 20 years, and I thank you, Norwalk, for being the welcoming community that you are, to let us expand, to dream big and do something wonderful, not only for ourselves, but for the whole community.

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General Details

  • Location:  Norwalk, Connecticut
  • Size: Four-story building, approximately 24,000 sq ft
  • Architect:  McLennan Design


HMTX World Headquarters is on track to become:

  • The greenest building in the State of Connecticut
  • The first Living Building Challenge Petal Certified project in the State of Connecticut – the world’s most stringent green building rating system
  • First flooring company to design a Living Building Challenge World Headquarters
  • First project ever in Norwalk to pursue the Living Building Challenge
  • “Energy positive” – producing more renewable energy through on-site solar than it will ever use each year
  • All electric and will operate with zero carbon emissions
  • The first installation of a patented solar sculpture by Steven Lowy Studios, created using sustainably harvested Alaskan cedar

Energy & Carbon

  • Designed to be energy positive with over 100% of the building’s power demand coming from on-site PV panels
  • Building will operate with zero carbon emissions
  • Estimated 144,000 kwh/yr in solar power
  • Predicted energy use intensity (EUI) of 18 with ultra-efficient envelope and mechanical systems, a 60% reduction from baseline office buildings of the same size and location
  • Passive cooling with operable windows and skylights
  • Natural daylighting by façade optimization and sunshade louvers


  • Features a rainwater capture and re-use system with a 5,000-gallon storage tank to provide gray water for flush fixtures and utility uses
  • Low-flow fixtures throughout the entire building
  • Three separate rain gardens that treat stormwater naturally and provide on-site retention and infiltration
  • Natural site drainage preserved to the highest extent possible
  • Features a water-wall in the building plaza to create white noise over surrounding traffic

Health & Happiness

  • Natural daylighting in every space
  • Healthy indoor air through use of Red List Free materials, the highest ventilation standards, and EPA cleaning protocols with green cleaning products
  • Biophilic design:
    • Building features a 1,700 sq ft green roof with native flowers, shrubs, and trees, organized around a monumental solar sculpture – by day, an object of contemplation, and at night, providing a subtle light show
    • Interior features a naturally daylit green wall and several interior planters
    • Natural and biophilic finish materials throughout offer a material connection to nature
    • Natural patterns and geometries offer spaces of both prospect and refuge
    • Building works with, rather than against, the natural geology and landscape featuring paths and boardwalks for birdwatching and forest bathing
    • Featured water-wall in entry plaza


  • Both interior design and landscape will feature artwork by local and worldwide artists including a 240 sq ft mural and a solar light sculpture design
  • Building will feature education and inspiration programs such as:
    • Building tours and educational events
    • Building signage/graphics about regenerative design

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About HMTX Industries

Headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, HMTX Industries is global flooring company serving a diverse cross section of the construction and renovation marketplaces. The HMTX family of companies includes: Halstead, the leading supplier of resilient flooring to the Home Center market; Metroflor, its signature residential brand in North America; HMTX Commercial with the Teknoflor® and Aspecta® brands; and HMTX Global, which serves end users worldwide with diverse channel partners focused on its Allure® brand.

As a global leader in sustainable practices, HMTX sets industry standards for quality and performance as well as superior product design. Its manufacturing processes, workplaces and product ingredients all reflect a significant dedication to sustainability, transparency, and societal impact. HMTX has received numerous accolades for innovation, supply chain performance, online excellence, and customer partnership. 

About McLennan Design

McLennan Design is one of the world’s leading multi-disciplinary, regenerative design practices, focused on deep green outcomes in the fields of architecture, planning, consulting, and product design.  The firm uses an ecological perspective to drive design creativity and innovation. In July 2022, McLennan Design merged with global architecture and design firm Perkins&Will, which provides integrated services in sustainable architecture, interior design, branded environments, urban design, and landscape architecture across its network of 28 studios worldwide.

Jason F. McLennan, along with his team, brings substantial knowledge and unmatched expertise to projects of all types around the globe. McLennan is the founder of the Living Building Challenge and winner of the Buckminster Fuller Prize and ENR’s National Award of Excellence. As of July 2022, he is also Chief Sustainability Officer of Perkins&Will. For more information, visit

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