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Calhoun, GA, Dec. 7 – HMTX Cares, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the dual purpose of funding mental health organizations in addition to addiction rehabilitation, aftercare and education facilities, held a major fundraising event Thursday, November 18, at Fields Ferry Golf Course in Calhoun. The group hosted 17 golf foursomes and the pre-expense revenue was over $50,000, creating a total of more than $384,000 raised since 2019. We thank the sponsors who made this latest donation to our HMTX Cares partners possible. 

HMTX Cares also acknowledges the dedication and tireless work of our volunteers who over the past two years have made the organization grow and thrive to achieve its mission of raising funds to help people suffering from the diseases of addiction and mental illness get the help they need.

Golf tournament players (left to right): Russ Rogg, Metroflor; Scott Humphries, WFCA; and Keith Kannapel and Doug Johnson, Metroflor.


HMTX Cares (formerly the Halstead/Metroflor Addiction Crisis Charity – HMAC) is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to supporting organizations and facilities providing rehabilitation, education and hope for those suffering from Substance Abuse Disorders (SADs), which afflict an alarming and increasing number of Americans each year. HMTX Cares has expanded its focus to encompass mental illness as an important part of its mission, as addiction and mental illness often go in tandem to destroy lives and even lead to death through overdose or suicide. Its goal is to raise $500,000 through fundraising activities, with the money raised to be fully matched by HMTX CEO Harlan Stone.  

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