HMTX Industries Announces Promotion of Brian Greene to Executive Leadership Team as New Chief Supply Chain Officer

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NORWALK, CT, July 19, 2021 – Harlan Stone, CEO of HMTX Industries, announced the promotion of Brian Greene to the Executive Leadership Team as Chief Supply Chain Officer. An employee since 2002 and working from the Smyrna, GA office, Greene will maintain global leadership over the entire supply chain management team and in the end-to-end supply chain, including:

  • Procurement
  • Planning
  • Distribution
  • Supply Chain Operations

In announcing Greene’s promotion, Stone said, “The year of 2020 taught us all lot about Resiliency and Responsiveness (R&R). I am proud to say that Brian Greene, a lifelong learner, may have just received his Ph.D. in ‘R&R’ during the past 12-18 months. We are so proud to have Brian leading our Supply Chain work at HMTX, and his ability to think strategically about this critical business pillar is exactly why he has been promoted to the Executive Leadership Team in our enterprise. A global thinker, and yet a local doer, Brian epitomizes what a 21st century business leader needs to be—nimble, informed, willing to learn, and always looking past the horizon to what’s next.”  

Said Greene, “I am incredibly humbled by the trust that Harlan and HMTX are placing in me for this new position, and I am excited to lead the supply chain organization into the future. I am very blessed to not only have a great team of internal and industry partners, but to have been mentored by some truly remarkable people during my career.”

He continued, “HMTX is a company of possibilities and in my 20 years, I have seen that time and time again. As we look forward to the future, we will not lose sight of being a sales-centric supply chain that is nimble, adaptable and always focused on the customer experience. We will continue to learn, listen and provide solutions to help our various business segments achieve their goals. A huge thank you to Harlan and the HMTX team for this opportunity and support throughout the years!”

HMTX Industries is a global manufacturer of building materials that serves a diverse cross-section of the construction marketplace. An $800M family of companies, HMTX includes: Halstead, the leading supplier of resilient flooring to The Home Depot; Metroflor, its signature residential brand in North America; Teknoflor, the focused healthcare and institutional brand; Aspecta, its high-end global contract brand for architects and designers; and Vertex, the supply-chain foundation of the HMTX family of companies that serves customers outside of North America with a full portfolio of resilient flooring products.

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Susan Bang, HMTX Industries/Metroflor Corporation; 917-991-9714