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HMTX Partnered With Interior Design Magazine to Deliver a Virtual NeoCon

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We loved seeing you at NeoCon in 2019! Sadly, we couldn’t meet in person this year, so we partnered with Interior Design Magazine to deliver virtually.

Interior Design, in partnership with the Merchandise Mart, introduced Virtual NeoCon programing showcasing 1ON1 interviews and Virtual Product Tours.  This segment is also known as NeoConnow. 

These virtual events previously aired over the two weeks of June 8th and June 15th on Interior Design’s syndicated video network, DesignTV.

In case you missed HMTX and its family of companies Virtual NeoCon 1ON1 with Cindy Allen, Interior Design’s Editor in Chief and Virtual Product Tours for MetroflorTeknoflor, and Aspecta you can view them all below.  

HMTX Industries 1on1

Cindy Allen, Editor and Chief for Interior Design Magazine sits down with Harlan Stone, CEO HMTX Industries, Russ Rogg, President Metroflor, Jeff Collum, President Teknoflor and Marcel Kies, President Aspecta to discuss all things flooring and design.

Metroflor Virtual Product Tour

Metroflor Virtual PrJoin host Rebecca Thienes, Market Editor for Interior Design Magazine as she sits down with Russ Rogg, President of Metroflor and Robert Langstaff, Director of Design for Metroflor during the NeoCon Now Virtual Product Tour segment. Russ and Robert introduce the product evolution of the Déjà New Collection with Attraxion technology, an innovative installation method.

Teknoflor Virtual Product Tour

Interior Design Executive Editor Annie Block introduces Teknoflor, a high-performance commercial flooring company trusted by elementary schools and senior homes alike to create clean, cool, and environmentally conscious spaces. The Virtual Product tour is part of the NeoCon Now designTV segment. Watch, as Ellie Priester, VP of Marketing and Nicolette Grieco, VP of Sales for Teknoflor introduce the new Teknoflor iCon and Naturescapes collections. Both collections are designed with “high-traffic, high-performance, as well as high-design,” in mind, explains Nicolette Grieco, VP of sales at Teknoflor.

Aspecta Virtual Product Tour

Annie Block, Executive Editor at Interior Design Magazine, sits down with Claudia Kunath and Kendra Mahen to tour new introductions from Aspecta. The NeoCon Now segment was created by Interior Design as a way to bring a virtual NeoCon to everyone this year as a way to bring new product introductions to market. Watch, as Claudia and Kendra introduce the new Aspecta Contours and Elemental collections.