Coronavirus (COVID-19): HMTX is putting safety and families first. For information about what we're doing, click here.

How HMTX Industries Is Responding to COVID-19

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April 21, 2020,

HMTX Industries is totally committed to putting our employees and customers at the center of all that we do. Their health and safety as well as that of our business partners will always be our number one priority. People before Profits Now and Always is the belief that guides us in everything we stand for.  

Today, as we think about all who are affected by COVID-19, we want to take a moment to update you on what we are doing, the policies and procedures we are enacting, and assure you that our team is monitoring the situation not only in the US but globally as well. 

First and foremost, I am thrilled that we have been able to provide our employees and their loved ones with face masks. It is critical that we all take appropriate measures to keep ourselves safe while also protecting other around us, and we are doing our part to see to it that our HMTX family is well taken care of. 

As you know, HMTX has also implemented a “remote working” policy. Our corporate headquarters in Norwalk, CT remains closed and our staff will be working from home at least through the end of May. Our other locations around the country have taken similar actions as we continue to minimize the potential business disruption for our customers.  

Currently, we are continuing normal operation in the Rincon office, as well as in all of our warehouse locations. This is being monitored daily, and I am in touch with leaders in all of these US offices. We are similarly monitoring the safest way to do business in our Dutch office. 

Our factories are shipping at 100 percent capacity while the demand for our products remains strong and all supply chain channels remain active and available. 

Our warehousing operations are critical to our continuing to do business, and we are providing a safe, healthy and sustainable environment for our hard-working employees on the distribution team by taking the following precautionary steps:

  1. The temperature of every employee is taken as they arrive to work. If a fever is detected, they will be sent home (on PAID sick leave).

  2. We are actively wiping down all surfaces in our offices and warehouses throughout the day to eliminate any possible contamination.  

  3. We have created clear separation from all outside delivery personnel (truck drivers) and provided them with separate bathroom facilities to ensure they do not bring any contamination into our working areas.

  4. We are providing brand new face masks for all warehouse workers for every shift that they work. 

  5. We are providing FREE boxed lunches for all warehouse staff every day to ensure food safety. This eliminates the need to leave or share a fridge, which may put them in contact with unclean surfaces. 
  6. We are keeping HMTX distribution facilities as safe as possible, and if we observe any risk, we will make the necessary adjustment to eliminate that risk immediately.

As we continue to learn more about COVID-19, we can and will adjust accordingly in rapid fashion. If this happens, you can be sure you will hear about any changes from us first. In the meantime, keep calm, stay well, and wash your hands! 


Harlan Stone
Group CEO 
HMTX Industries