Integration Of Sustainability and Quality at HMTX Industries and Related Organizational Changes Position Company for The Future

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Calhoun, GA, December 2, 2019 – HMTX Industries has evolved to include a new innovative direction for the flooring industry, and has now fully merged quality and sustainability. Since Rochelle Routman came on board in 2016 as Chief Sustainability Officer, she has led the a team of seasoned experts that oversee sustainability and transparency, along with product evolution, including innovation, testing, performance, and customer support. Over the past year, the team has expanded its focus on quality. The change has been formalized with Routman’s new title: Chief Sustainability and Quality Officer and the promotion of David Altman to a pivotal and newly created role for which he is uniquely qualified.

Said Routman: “Everyone on the team is responsible for sustainability and quality initiatives related to products, processes and information. This is a first for the flooring industry, and positions the company to better meet the future needs of the customers for sustainable and high quality products. David Altman’s promotion supports this holistic vision.”

David Altman has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Product and Customer Support. Altman will provide strategic direction and leadership that will deliver the exchange of resources, information and communications necessary to support a global vision of product excellence. Altman is highly regarded within the industry for the breadth and depth of his experience spanning diverse product categories as well as familiarity with manufacturing. 

Said Altman: “I am very humbled and proud to be awarded this leadership opportunity. The development of the core team over the past few years has been very successful and extremely rewarding. We have strategically developed in-house expertise and all of the pieces have come together nicely. This is the final piece of the puzzle that will allow us to achieve our global vision of ‘best in class’ quality and sustainable products.” 

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HMTX Industries is a global luxury vinyl tile manufacturer whose brands service a diverse cross-section of the construction marketplace. Headquartered in Norwalk, CT, and doing business in more than 40 countries around the world, the HMTX family includes Halstead, the leading supplier of LVT to the home center market; Metroflor, its signature residential brand in North America; Teknoflor, its focused healthcare and institutional brand; Aspecta, its high-end global contract brand for architects and designers; as well as Vertex, the foundation of the international supply chain for HMTX.        

Rochelle Routman, Chief Sustainability and Quality Officer
David Altman, Vice President of Product and Customer Support.