An Earth Day Message: A Preview of Things to Come for HMTX Industries

We’re sharing this message on Earth Day, because our company is charting a brand-new course in sustainability that will be unique and a first for the flooring industry.  We are laying the foundation to communicate our Environmental and Social Justice IMPACT to the world.  Yes, we will share data. Yes, we will share stories. But the report will be more than just an ESGR (Environmental, Social, Governance, Resilience) report – it will be all about IMPACT: What good actually gets done.

This initiative will demonstrate to our customers, employees, our HMTX Board, the industry and the public that sustainability is embedded throughout every aspect of our business. This includes our supply chain, manufacturing, how we manage our campus and buildings, how we design our products, create fabulous innovations that will continue to rock this industry, our philanthropic efforts, and how we take care of the people that take care of us. 

The report will encompass data on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and our efforts to reduce and offset them, using a phased and thoughtful approach. Why is this so important?  First, HMTX must do its part to address the climate crisis – along with our biggest customer, The Home Depot. The Home Depot has also conducted a thorough GHG inventory using a similar protocol to ours. Our IMPACT strategy will align us with the most influential companies in the world. We will be in good company and so will they.

As we all realize that the world has changed because of the COVID crisis; therefore, this Earth Day is like no other. There is a deeper level of understanding about the relationship of humans to the Earth and how an imbalance in the Earth’s systems can create an imbalance for humanity. This topic is large, but keep in mind, every individual action to help the planet is additive, and if everyone does their part to make a positive difference, we can get things back on course.

Speaking about making a positive difference, the new HMTX banners that now grace the front entrance of the 119 Thomas Street building are beautiful and deliver a positive message about our company. The banners will also save birds, because they will no longer see a confusing reflection of clouds in the windows. Every individual action to help the planet is additive, and we are making an IMPACT.