AT NEOCON, THE MART BOOTH 1169 – HMTX Introduces The Mycelium Collection

Winner of 2023 MetropolisLikes! And Best of NeoCon Awards

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NORWALK, CT, June 12, 2023 — This year at NeoCon in Chicago, IL, HMTX Industries will introduce The Mycelium Collection* as the market’s first taste of an entirely new, non-vinyl, circular multilayer flooring system bred from innovations in sustainability, the circular economy, and biophilic design: SRP™ TPU flooring.

The Mycelium Collection was chosen as a 2023 MetropolisLikes! Winner by Avi Rajagopal, Metropolis Editor in Chief, and his editorial team. Said Rajagopal, “We believe the Mycelium Collection embodies the best in manufacturing strategies that represent the height of innovation and creativity.” The collection also received the Best of NeoCon Sustainability Award.

SRP TPU flooring is an alchemy of responsible beauty that transforms waste plastic bottles into innovative, circular flooring. Two plastic bottles (PET) are upcycled into each square foot of SRP flooring, which is constructed with a PET top layer, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) core layer, and a cross-linked polyurethane foam back layer.

SRP flooring can be ground up and transformed into an engineered TPU giving HMTX the ability to recycle each plank into new planks, making it a circular product.

Its first debut is through the Mycelium Collection, which features 20 digitally printed SKUs in biophilicly designed planks and tiles, hosting modern, unique wood looks along with organic abstracts inspired by mycelium’s construction and impact on the ecosystem it inhabits.

The collection is offered in both 12”x 24” tiles and 8.66”x 49.2”planks, all elevated with an in-registered emboss.

Inspired by Nature’s Network: Mycelium

Mycelium composes a network connecting individual plants together to transfer water, carbon, and other minerals.

Each design within the Mycelium Collection was inspired by this network – a concept of community that nurtures collaboration and connection. By introducing nature’s intricate systems and patterns into design, inhabitants can reap the benefits of improved mental health, reduced stress levels and increased productivity. Our digital printing technology allows us to create these unique designs with unmatched depth and realism to help create spaces with clean lines, continuity, and inspirational aesthetics.

While the Mycelium Collection was designed for various commercial settings, including hospitality, retail, corporate and senior living, SRP’s construction will be sold throughout HMTX’s portfolio of product offerings including residential installations. The Mycelium Collection will hold a 15 Year Commercial Warranty.

The Mycelium Collection of SRP TPU flooring has begun pursuing the following certifications: FloorScore®, ASSURE Certified™, Declare, Health Product Declaration, Environmental Product Declaration, and achieving Carbon-Neutral status. Our teams also plan on pursuing Cradle-to-Cradle Certification as well as GREENGUARD Gold.

SRP: Circular. Recyclable.

The circularity of SRP is a revolutionary story within a new generation of flooring as the recycling rate in the vinyl flooring industry is notoriously low. Details on the recyclability of the product have been vetted and defined for a transparent and easy-to-understand story: SRP planks are simply able to be ground with calcium carbonate and fresh TPU, maintaining chemical properties and product quality. HMTX Industries will provide a seamless take-back program in which installation waste as well as post-use material can be returned, ground up and transformed into TPU and used in new SRP flooring.

*The Mycelium Collection’s designs are inspired by mycelium; the product does not contain any form of mycelium.


Headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, HMTX Industries is a $900 million global new materials flooring company serving a diverse cross section of the construction and renovation marketplaces. The HMTX family of companies includes: Halstead, the leading supplier of resilient flooring to the home center market; Metroflor, its signature residential brand in North America; HMTX Commercial with the Teknoflor™, and Aspecta™, brands; and HMTX Global, which serves end users worldwide with diverse channel partners focused on Aspecta™ and Allure™, and OEM-private label brands.

As a global leader in sustainable practices, HMTX sets industry standards for quality and performance as well as superior product design. Its manufacturing processes, workplaces and product ingredients all reflect a significant dedication to sustainability, transparency, and societal impact. HMTX has received numerous accolades for innovation, supply chain performance, online excellence, and customer partnership.

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