HMTX Industries To Exhibit at Greenbuild Conference 2021 In San Diego

Presenting the Session “Biophilic Design and Resilient Flooring”

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Norwalk, Sept. 8, 2021 – HMTX Industries will put its many sustainability and transparency achievements on display along with its highly certified commercial products at the virtual and in-person Greenbuild Conference, Sept. 21 – 23 at the San Diego Convention Center. Located in the mindful MATERIALS (mM) Pavilion in Booth M4851 alongside other like-minded manufacturers, HMTX will showcase the many third-party certifications for its flooring: EPDs, HPDs, and JUST social justice and Declare product ingredient labels. HMTX also will feature its Teknoflor healthcare brand’s Naturescapes HPD – a bio-polyurethane sheet flooring product that was the first hard-surface flooring product in the world to receive Living Product Challenge℠ (LPC) Petal Certification from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) – alongside its new Teknoflor Nature Tile and Plank HPD.

Also appearing in the HMTX booth will be its Aspecta hospitality flooring brand, which in addition to Teknoflor products has also achieved a wide range of certifications. Aspecta and Teknoflor products are listed in the mM product database. mM is a by-industry, for-industry collaboration hub, powering the growth of a curated digital materials library, built around a common sustainability framework. The library connects manufacturers of transparently disclosed and optimized materials with those seeking to reduce the negative impacts of buildings through “mindful” materials selection. The hub convenes industry partners, advocators and educators to foster awareness, create resources and accelerate collaborative and collective materials action. Its vision is to make mindful materials the norm for every building, not the exception.

Said Rochelle Routman, HMTX’s Chief Sustainability and Quality Officer, “It feels great to go to Greenbuild in person. Even though this year will be a scaled-down version of previous years, the green building community is taking steps toward normalcy. HMTX Industries is excited to be a part of the 2021 on-site program.”

HMTX will also sponsor a session – “Biophilic Design and Resilient Flooring”– on Thursday, Sept. 23, 1 – 2 pm, to registered attendees at the San Diego Convention Center (exact location to be announced). Presented by Alex LaPree, Teknoflor’s VP Sales, Western Region, the session will explore the tangible benefits of biophilic design – reducing stress, enhancing creativity, improving a sense of well-being, and expediting healing in healthcare environments – along with focusing on resilient flooring styles that correspond to certain biophilic patterns.

The Learning Objectives include:

• Defining biophilic design and specific ways to implement it in a space
• Explaining the benefits of using biophilic design in commercial spaces
• Enumerating the key elements and attributes of biophilic design
• Determining strategies and considerations for using biophilic design patterns in resilient flooring to help achieve desired results

HMTX will also have a virtual Greenbuild booth for registered attendees who are unable to attend the convention in person. Go to the Greenbuild website for more information about Greenbuild 2021 and to register.

HMTX Industries is a global manufacturer of building materials that serves a diverse cross-section of the construction marketplace. An $800M family of companies, HMTX includes: Halstead, the leading supplier of resilient flooring to The Home Depot; Metroflor, its signature residential brand in North America; Teknoflor, the focused health-care and institutional brand; Aspecta, its high-end global contract brand for architects and designers; and Vertex, the supply-chain foundation of the HMTX family of companies that serves customers outside of North America with a full portfolio of resilient flooring products.


Susan Bang, HMTX Industries; 917-991-9714