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ASPECTA Recommends Maximizing Downtime: Take “Biophilic Design & Resilient Flooring” CEU

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 NORWALK, CT, March 31 – At a time when health and wellbeing are a primary, universal concern, Aspecta encourages architects, designers and others in the building design and construction industry to consider broadening their horizons about Biophilic Design by taking its Continuing Education Unit (CEU) course “Biophilic Design & Resilient flooring” available free online at AEC Daily. Said Alan Rowell, Aspecta’s director of sales, “Because Biophilia defines aspects of nature that most impact and advance occupants’ health, fitness, and comfort in the built environment, our Biophilic Design CEU is timelier than ever.” 

 “Biophilic Design & Resilient Flooring” reflects the company’s immersion in Biophilic Design as an influence in the creation of its ever-evolving Aspecta product lines. The philosophy stems from the notion of Biophilia: humankind’s innate connection with the natural world. Biophilia explains why certain natural occurrences captivate us, enhance our creativity or provide restorative effects. This course provides an overview of the basic principles of Biophilic Design and focuses on how resilient flooring specifications can support its expression in commercial design projects. 

 Said Rowell, “I am excited for the prospect that our CEU course will inspire architects, interior designers, and everyone connected with the built environment to encompass these theories and make a positive difference in people’s lives and the communities in which we live.” 

Based on the learning objectives, participants will be able to: 

  • Define biophilic design and list some specific ways to implement it into a space 
  • Explain the benefits of using biophilic design in commercial spaces 
  • Enumerate the key pattern categories in biophilic design 
  • Determine the strategies and considerations for using the biophilic design patterns to achieve desired results 
  • Explain how resilient flooring specification can support biophilic design 

The one-hour program has been approved by The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education, the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) and USGBC and carries 0.1 CEU (continuing education unit) or 1 LU (learning unit) of credit. 

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